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EasyBird Rest, Moult & Show
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EasyBird Rest, Moult & Show

A combination of a number of Birdcare products in one easy to use supplement.

Ideal for moulting, show birds or birds outside the breeding season.  Combines the ingredients from Daily Essentials 3 (vitamins & minerals), Calcivet Powder (calcium), BioPlus (probiotics) and a small amount of protein from ProBoost Supermax.

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EasyBird Rest, Moult & Show

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Code BCC0331

Protein,Essential oils,Vit A,D, E,C,B1,B2,B6,B12,K,Biotin,Choline,Folic acid,Niacin and Pantothenic acid. Minerals Calcium,Cobalt,Copper,Iodine,Iron,Magnesium,Manganese,Selenium,Sodium,Sulphur and Zinc.

EasyBird Rest, Moult & Show

Add 50 grams of EasyBird Rest Moult & Show to each kilogram of soft food (Feast)

EasyBird Rest, Moult & Show

Provides support during the moulting process making this period less stressful for birds.

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